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 Our robust selection process of stones helps us in creating the finest stock to fulfil global requirements 

RGR is based in Rajasthan, India, the world's largest source of commercial sandstone. Our expansive networks of sandstone sources and logistical advantages help us to create a better experience for our business partners

Sandstone of variety has been a preferred choice for various applications all around the world. RGR's innovative initiatives are aimed at inviting creative uses of sandstone


A symbol of elegance installed all around the world, from The Ancient City of Petra to The Majestic Forts in India


   A stone highly admirable for its aesthetics and strength makes it a popular choice for modern applications 

RGR has developed advanced access to the Western and Southern granite deposits of India. Our expertise in the field of granite stones allows us to ensure quality supply is received from our highly selective quarries

With vast commercial and residential applications, granite has been in high demand. We fulfil institutional requirements as well as exporting variety of granite to different regions

We strive towards honouring India's marble by leveraging our strong connection with the quarries in rural Rajasthan and provide them with an interface to export their prized stone

Our research provides us with a holistic point of view which helps us in placing our supply globally in a competitive manner


   The gracefulness of  Indian marble has been adored by many since the inception of The Taj Mahal 


We take pride in providing clients with the best in class grade of minerals for industrial purpose


   One of the most abundant minerals on earth without which inventions like micro processors could not be possible

RIOT-Silica Sand

RGR's supply of silica sand is of the purest (>99%) forms and is sourced from qualified deposits

Our rigorous measures and laboratory checks help us is ensuring that our clients only receive the best 


     A mineral of immense importance for all, without it, food wouldn’t be the same for many


Our middle-eastern sources of rock phosphate are a perfect match for SSP fertilizer manufacturers

Quality assurance and secure relations with our sources help us maintain a smooth supply for factory owners

Our process of doing business help us serve you better


Connecting You to the Unconnected

We assure our clients of the best in class supply of natural stones and minerals at an unmatched rate